Books by Alan lee millard

A Flaw From Within


Millard's most recent published book, A Flaw From Within: How Women's Higher Status Defies Equal Justice, Violates Men, and Destroys Society, addresses a 'sacred' code that elevates women above men (on a pedestal) that defies equal justice for all and opposes our country's constitution created by men in good conscience. This Euro/Anglo-originated injustice culturally built into the male psyche' (commonly referred to as chivalry) corresponds to the female entitlement mindset that pervades society today. (Only based upon the premise of chivalry could feminism ever exist.) A Pandora's Box is opened that underlies a subversive effort to destroy society which can be easily accomplished when men, discounted as mere pawns for women, openly wield injustice without conscience at women's discretion.

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Land, People, Politics, and Ignorance


A constant  effort to destroy the natural environment, with a cultural influence  that clashed with the Native American way of life, presently continues  from European arrival. When we see land "developers," supported by  government-funded contracts and zoning laws that accommodate turning  land into urban sprawl, we are still witnessing today the European  take-over of Native America. Sharing the same destiny with the Indians  and the buffalo, large unaltered areas of our native land will soon be  gone too.   

​       The recent expanded powers of eminent domain, allowing a large  private/corporation to take land from a smaller private party, supports  the exploitation of our land and its citizens by force for  private/corporate gain. The government wielding the bigger stick, rather  than protects the people, now as a thug, takes away by force what they  have--very similar to how the Native Americans had their land taken from  them. The people have been set up by a continuance of the same  expansionary practices that took this country from the Indians.

       Native Americans multiplied basically to the caring capacity of the  land and were all involved in a life sculptured to the natural  environment—an original culture with its own habits, beliefs, and  customs. The natives didn’t need churches because they lived their  beliefs, not as a religion but as their life. Offspring were not  considered part of a religious incentive to reproduce either, as is  often the case in the European/Anglo culture. The land’s human-caring  capacity can be increased, however, without damaging the natural  environment with good land-use/management practices implemented. But  instead, exploitation and greed, without any foresight, continues to  take its toll today in a process that started when Europeans discovered  America.

        It comes as no surprise that people who are not close to nature,  influenced and conditioned by the city and urban environment, are those  opposed to sex roles defined by nature. The same foreign concept applied  to the environment is thus being applied to humanity. And an  exploitative correlation applies to both.

       What’s termed development is to the environment what “equality” is to  the people and our social structure. One is destroying our land and the  other its people. In the past, one earner’s wage, sculptured to support a  family, was kept at par with the rate of inflation. However, the  current arrangement of two workers for the price of one operates as a  double-profit effect benefiting big business/government at the expense  of humanity.

       Hence, the family has been displaced by the individual for the purpose  of the corporate employer, with the typical employee mind-set now molded  by corporate philosophy. Jobs are no longer designed, or intended, to  support the people (families), but sculptured to suit corporate  interests, with government propaganda and policies that support thee  employer’s and government’s best interests. Taking two people to gain  the equivalent income that only one person and one job provided in the  past, along with the attitudes, hatred, laws, human resource policies  associated, is a combined effect that has sacrificed male/female unity  and the family in our society, along with a more meaningful and valuable  quality of life. The most important thing in one’s life is, or was, and  should be, a mate and a family. All sociological paths within our  society are leading us further from this basic foundation of life and  any hope for future generations. Read within to fully understand what  Alan Millard has conveyed in Land, People, Politics, and Ignorance.

Great Salt Lake Regional Book of Facts and Exploration: Featuring Area History, Geology, Ecology and Culture

 The Great Salt Lake Regional Book of Facts  and Exploration is a composite of the author's knowledge gained from his  occupation as a park ranger/naturalist in the Great Salt Lake area and  from his own personal interests and experiences pertaining to the  natural environment to include culture, geology, ecology, and history.  This book was inspired by teachers requesting that Mr. Millard put his  knowledge conveyed in his educational presentations into book form. He  is also one of the co-authors of Great Salt Lake: An Overview of Change  by Wally Gwynn. 

Equality: A Mans Claim -- The Equality Issue from the Male Perspective and an Ethical Society's Viewpoint

 Have you ever been lost for defense against  feminists who use their own language and terminology to promote their  misguided, prejudiced philosophies?

Equality: A Man’s Claim  retraces irrational accusations and exposes ill-founded feminist beliefs  which have become standard misinformation in today’s society. It offers  strong argument to counteract feminist conjecture—an argument which has  pu