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Book Review for Land, People, Politics, and Ignorance:

"This book made me ask myself if I am part of the problem or simply a conformist? I know now that I do not want to be a “Sheeple”. Mr. Millard covers several topics and relates his own personal experiences in many situations, making the book very interesting. He gives examples of how we are losing our own basic human rights and citizens do not even know it is happening. Much of the information he covers hit me right at home with my own child custody legal battles. A great read and a good reference." 



Chris Jensen

Head Pharmacist

Land, People, Politics, and Ignorance


     The home of Alan Millard is much like a personal library. Clips and papers protrude out of a roomful of books which contain cross references and notes in order to help show a point or support a case. In his books and in his life, he likes to support his topics with supporting documents. Some appreciate those facts, even though being hit with them may make the reader or listener uncomfortable. It is still a fact rather than the speculation offered by most. The reader of a Christian scripture believes that once we know the truth of all things, it has a tendency to make us free. Others believe it causes us to explore and research more in order to better understand today’s world and the future. After all, the acquisition of knowledge is not a gift. It is acquired only after work, research and thought. Alan does that with his book and with his life.

     Although born a paleface myself, it is understandable why the American Indian is sad. They have endured 500 years of insults and inaccurate generalizations from us the Anglo-Europeans. Alan shows how the modern-day man has forgotten how the Ancient ones respected mother earth. They worked with it, rather than just depleted its resources. He connects those times with modern-day politics and to how today's leaders have the same manifest destiny of past inept leaders. The corruption today is ever present, even among those who are sworn to protect us. Alan refers to how we are like sheep, with the tendency to follow those who lead, regardless of the destination or dangers. Political incumbents are oftentimes kept in office, although some continue to lead us over the cliff to our eventual deaths. That is the “herd effect.” Alan has given insight on how to research all things and check the facts, as there are many who care little about the people, the earth or the community. That is often the case, although they may call themselves a spiritual leader, an environmentalist, animal rights activist, victim advocate or mediator. Oftentimes, some of those people only wish to remain in office to promote themselves, with more power to conquer others and to force their beliefs down our throats. Although the media used to be our watchdogs, they often do the opposite. They exploit to make more money or obtain power without regard to what is printed.  

     In my 38 years of working in the criminal justice system, the regular criminals don't bother me as much as those who are supposed to be the protectors of the law and the people. I have watched legislators enact or support bills to cause over-reaction from their constituents, with only the motivation to secure votes. Just before the legislator meets, a prison may remove all inmates from one sector and double bunk in another to cause the artificial need for more prison space. Governments spend millions of dollars to help keep the bad people locked up, although many of those people’s crimes are without victims. Neither does it make much sense or cents to send the guy to prison for five years for stealing two cans of beer. How does the federal government justify taking thousands of gallons of paint and burying them in order to show Congress it needs money to buy more paint? Years ago, I watched as a fish hatchery dumped thousands of fish on the ground rather than in the stream. They had to get rid of them before the next legislative session, with the hope the sports enthusiast would fight to get more fish in the streams.

      I have only feared for my life twice, once from a detective who was stealing the evidence we were collecting during a search. He had the motive and the capability to carry out his intent to kill me for spilling the beans. Although he was forced to resign, he was never criminally charged. Who then are the real criminals?

     Although the fairness doctrine is supposed to be used in all facets of life, many things don't give that appearance. We recently read in the dinosaur media that a female reporter walked in the locker room of a professional football team. She was dressed in a provocative manner, which caused cat calls from the male players. She became famous and the team became infamous, which will surely end in a legal battle. Whose fault was it? Are men even allowed in the locker room of a professional women’s team?

     Land, People, Politics and Ignorance, should be a mandatory book for all schools. But it won't be, as it makes too much sense. Our educational system is so flawed that it wouldn't consider such a factual book. Hopefully, sufficient numbers of people will read this book of knowledge and help to change the blind leading the blind and that we may hear, see and feel that which is true, allowing all cultures, peoples and the earth to exist together with the proper motives to do so.  

Kent Jones

Administrative Law Judge

Book Review for Equality: A Man's Claim

Be forewarned! This is a well-researched and articulated expose’ of so many inane activities currently being accepted as gospel-truth. It is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred attack on misandry and all its tangents. No aspect of life within the male/female arena is left untouched. Millard “Through biased interpretation, history is used by the women’s movement to support negative claims against men. The past cannot be changed. However, records can be contaminated by tampering and arbitrary interpretation”.  National Coalition For Men


Book Review by Men’s Activism:

Now here’s an excellent looking book. It’s Equality: A Man’s Claim by Alan Millard. The website gives you a good preview of the book, and it’s a very interesting perspective written there. It’s quite an eye opener, even for us folk in the know. The book is 563-pages long and at only $14.95, There’s no excuse for not getting this book, since my sources tell me this book gives Warren Farrell’s work a serious run for it’s money. You know where to take it from here.

Equality: A Man's Claim

A monumental production! Any individual (male or female) who feels the Sisterhood is out of control along with our politically-correct society kowtowing to their agenda will thoroughly enjoy this book.

However, be forewarned! This well-researched and articulated expose' of so many inane activities currently being accepted as gospel-truth is not for the weak-of-heart. It is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred attack on misandry and all its tangents.

In its 563 pages (large format, single spaced and small print), no aspect of life within the male/female arena is left untouched (at least I couldn't think of any). Mr. Millard calls a spade a bloody spade. For example, he clearly states: "Through biased interpretation, history is used by the women's movement to support negative claims against men. The past cannot be changed. However, records can be contaminated by tampering and arbitrary interpretation. This has been accomplished in many ways". The author then describes several actual situations to illustrate his point.

The writing style is heavy - in keeping with the seriousness Alan has devoted to this massive publication. I often found myself putting the book down after having read only a few pages - only to spend the next several hours contemplating on the points made. Then, almost joyously, going back to reread the section in question, savoring it for its insightfulness. My copy has so many highlighted lines that I'm now going to have to highlight those parts (already highlighted) which I feel stand out above the rest.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to Alan Millard. So many times I found something he wrote representing thoughts which I had harbored for so many years - all the while thinking I was alone in these feelings. Alan, however, not only expressed my thoughts, but presented the proof(s) that they were quite realistic at the same time.

There are now many excellent publications dealing with the masculist movement. Alan Millard's book takes its rightful place among them.

Reviewed by Gerry Bissett, TRANSITIONS